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Chiral Self-Assembly: Autodesk Univ., Las Vegas 2012

Skylar Tibbits and Arthur Olson, in collaboration with the Autodesk Gallery, have exhibited the Chiral Self-Assembly project at Autodesk University in Las Vegas.

This exhibit focused on the demonstration of self-assembly and molecular chirality, or right-handed and left-handed patterns of attraction. Opposing attraction patterns in the self-assembly units allowed for the parts to sort themselves when combined and shaken randomly. The yellow units and black units eventually self-assemble into two distinct structures, demonstrating error-correction throughout the assembly process. The molecular structures in this exhibit were based on the Polio Virus capsid. A 24" diameter aluminum structure was also presented to demonstrate larger scale scenarios for self-assembly using real-world materials and connection methods.

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Skylar Tibbits, TED Senior Fellow, Lecturer MIT Architecture Department, Founder/Principal of SJET LLC

Arthur Olson, The Molecular Graphics Lab, The Scripps Research Institute, Co-Founder of ScienceWithinReach Inc.

Matt Tierney, Autodesk Inc.
Roddy Wykes, Autodesk Inc.

The Molecular Self-Assembly models were developed and distributed by ScienceWithinReach. Production and casting by Design Formations.

Sponsored by Autodesk Inc.

Alternate attraction patterns showing Chirality.