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Logic Matter, by Skylar Tibbits, has been included inFABRICATE: Making Digital Architecture,‘ a peer reviewed publication by Riverside Architectural Press and launched at the FABRICATE conference, April 2011.

"The term Digital Fabrication has been in broad circulation for over a decade and the argument that it is a revolutionary force for design and production is widely understood by the world’s leading practices and schools of architecture. New manufacturing tools have been invented and drawing software is bridging the gap between representation and realisation. To date however, no single publication has captured and analysed the defining built works and prototypes of this emerging age. This is the purpose and topic of ‘FABRICATE: Making Digital Architecture‘. Rather than showcase hypothetical works, this book will address innovative ideas that have been applied, built and tested. It will present documentation underexposed in contemporary architectural publication, e.g. 21st century working drawings, model/prototype hybrids; adaptive tooling, jigs and manufacturing interfaces; on site bespoke construction, and post production 3D scanning."