THEVERYMANY | AP Vertebrae v2: Frankfurt, Germany 2008

THEVERYMANY (Marc Fornes, Skylar Tibbits, Jared Laucks) presented an installation, Aperiodic Vertebrae v2.0, at the NODE08 conference in Frankfurt, Germany, 2008.

Aperiodic Vertebrae v2.0 was constructed using:
-360 panels
-320 connections
-CNC routed 3/16" black polyethylene plastic
-n Zip Tie fasteners
-24hours installation time with 2 people

Many thanks to:

- Jared Laucks and Continental Signs for fabrication and material help (

-Dick Dunlop for laser cutting, 320 unique connections from 3/16″ acryclic

-Quadrant EPP USA, Inc. ( for providing sheets of polyethylene plastic at 3/16″ thickness

-Eno Henze ( & the VVVV guys ( for their invitation to NODE08 & sponsorship

-Marius Watz for giving us the opportunity to do Aperiodic Vertebrae v.1! (

Fabrication: Continental Signs & Dick Dunlop
Material: Quadrant EPP USA

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