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Hyperform: Next Idea Award Ars Electronica: Linz 2013

Skylar Tibbits, Marcelo Coelho and Formlabs Inc. have been awarded the "Next Idea in Art and Technology Grant" from Ars Electronica.

As 3D printers become affordable and ubiquitous, they are also becoming smaller, placing severe constraints on the scale of objects we can create. Hyperform is an investigation into folding as a computational design strategy for compressing large scale objects into the small volume of desktop 3D printers.

A collaboration between:
Marcelo Coelho + Skylar Tibbits + Formlabs Inc.

Support by:
Natan Linder, Yoav Reches, Maxim Lobovsky, Will Walker, Craig Broady, Alan Argondizza, Graham Francis, Amir Soltanian, Lina Karain, Marianna Gonzalez, Matthew Gardiner, Erwin Reitboeck and Futurelab.