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DNA disPLAY: BioMod, 2013

DNA disPLAY, a project for BioMod 2013, attempts to take-on the challenge of DNA design by making DNA both physical and visual as a new creative medium. We aim to allow anyone to design with DNA by using easy and powerful software tools with direct ordering of custom DNA sequences and a new process for CNC printing DNA images on paper. This project eliminates the expensive and difficult process of imagining, order and DNA handling for non-experts. In the near future, we imagine that DNA patterns can become microfluidic, diagnostic and electronic displays where the structure of the drawing becomes a computational medium.

A collaboration between:

Self-Assembly Lab, MIT
Little Devices Lab, MIT
Gehrke Lab, MIT
Bio/Nano Programmable Matter Research Group, Autodesk Inc.

Many thanks to the contributioins and collaborations from:
Lina Kara’in, Amir Soltanian, Monica Zhou, Marianna Gonzalez, Carrie McKnelly, Joaquin Navarro, Joseph Schaeffer, Carlos Olguin, Helena de Puig, Justina Tam, Lee Gehrke, Jose Gomez-Marquez, Anna Young