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THEVERYMANY | Along the Void - Guggenheim Museum NYC 2010

THEVERYMANY (Marc Fornes, Skylar Tibbits) have exhibited work at the Guggenheim Museum NY, as part of the show CONTEMPLATING THE VOID, April 28th 2010.

Along the Void proposes a vision for the iconic Void within Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum by materializing invisible forces. Two opposing forces; a spiraling force at the outer surface of the ramp pulls the viewer towards the artwork and a centripetal force at the center of the void compels the viewer to pear over the railing into the space below.These forces are conflicting and intertwine to create a zone of turbulence. The force's cross product results in a flowing particle space that is made physical to emphasize its permanent presence within the Void. Each particle is a result of the conflicting forces and is realized through a flocklike clustering. The elements flow through the space with only the present energy of the Void and are a testament to the opportunities for harnessing present and invisible energies. The power of many ...

Invitation: David van der Leer, Assistant Curator Architecture & Design Guggenheim Museum, New York.

For more information see Along the Void @ THEVERYMANY.