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Scriptedbypurpose: Philadelphia, 2007

Skylar Tibbitsa and Marc Fornes co-curated, Scriptedbypurpose, an exhibition at the FUEL Collection in Philadelphia, PA, the first exhibition exclusively focusing on scripted processes within design.

"Scritedbypurpose" - the invited portion of the show - clustered a selection of 20 young offices, research groups, and individuals emerging within the field...

The list of participants includes:

Forwards by Neil Leach & Philippe Morel, 4-pli, AKT, ARANDA/LASCH, Axel Kilian, BIOTHING, C.E.B. Reas, Christian Troche, coLab, DAG, DORA/Peter Macapia, EZCT, Ezio Blasetti/Vito Acconci, f-u-r, IJP, KOKKUGIA, Kyle Steinfeild, Marius Watz, Matsys, MESNE, minusArchitecturestudio, MOS, Neil C. Katz, Pigram/Maxwell, Proxy, R&Sie(n), SJET, SOFTlab, Stylianos Dritsas, THEVERYMANY.

Scriptedbypurpose grouped a collection of different computational languages (AutoList, Rhinoscript, MEL, Maxscript, Processing, Actionscript, Java etc...) compiled towards varying interests and outputs (digital art, design tools, form finding, optimization, problem solving, digital fabrication, etc...

"Script/ine" - an open call for submission - mostly addressed to students and young graduates in order to complete the panoram of current computational research.

Two simple rules:

1. all entries displayed should involve scripting techniques

2. in order to avoid a previous generation ruled by generic talks on "techniques", all codes and custom tools must be displayed next to the work as open source - set up like a sort of "cellular automata" system, the show is based on those two rules only allowing a maximum of variation within the submission results to collect an "emergent" spectrum of work within the field of scripting and design process...

Many thanks to a number of contibutors:

Jonathan Proto, Brandon Kruysman, Jared Laucks

Photography by Nate Kalushner -

Andrew Warner, Trevor Horst, Katie Knight, Amanda Tonetta, Erin Montwill, Jesse Vaughn, Marco Icev, Adam Bortz, Josh Holmes, Ben Motyl, Scott Del Rossi, Lisa Mathews...