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Coding [Global] Strands: 5 Trophies: 5 Cities, 2011

Skylar Tibbits and Jared Laucks have been commissioned to design and produce 5 trophies/design objects for GE and SEED Media Group's Data Visualization Marathons in: Sydney, New York, Sao Paulo, London and Berlin.

Coding [Global] Strands, by Skylar Tibbits and Jared Laucks attempts to visualize five distinct cities; Sao Paulo, Sydney, London, Berlin and New York, as individual strands weaving together, interlocking and uniting for a common scientific front. Each of the five cities has been located on the globe with respect to its relative geographic longitude and latitude. The cities then were set free to grow towards one another, never intersecting, eventually describing the globe as a whole. The resultant five single strands twist, turn and solidify to create an intricate description of the globe and the goal of collective scientific discovery. The five elements are then separated from one another and displayed as individually iconic elements – with their memory and geometry as a visual history of the five global cities and path of exploration.

The trophies are 3D printed with an SLS nylon material then coated with a nickel plated metal finish. The nameplates are made from black anodized aluminum and engraved with a 1/64" bit on a 3-axis milling machine.

Many thanks to Adam Bly and Charlene Manuel of SEED Media Group and GE for their support and commission. Congratulations to the winning teams around the world!

Generous support from Keith Schneider and Bob Bechtold of Harbec Plastics.

Competition Winner: University of Technology Sydney


São Paulo:
Competition Winner: Centro Universitário SENAC


New York:
Competition Winner: Columbia University


Competition Winner: Imperial College London


Competition Winner: Politecnico di Milano